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What you might be wondering about LVCC...

What is Cotillion?

Cotillion is a two-year social club for outstanding junior and senior girls. The purpose of Cotillion is to organize a group of girls that will bond with one another, become aware of and improve important social skills, and continue growing into young ladies that will share common goals - the most important being to further their education. Lower Valley Cotillion Club is a social organization comprised of outstanding young women in Cameron (Harlingen, La Feria, Santa Rosa, San Benito, Rio Hondo, and Port Isabel) and Willacy Counties.

What is a Cotillion girl?

A Cotillion girl is one who is interested in pursuing a college education, with a career goal in mind. She has very high standards, is involved, confident, social, very well respected, has manners, and likes a challenge. A Cotillion girl is one who is honored to be invited to join, and upon acceptance, agrees to fulfill the responsibility of participating in all Cotillion functions.

What is a Débutante?

A débutante is a girl or young woman who has reached the age of maturity and, as a new adult, comes out into society at a formal "debut" presentation. Debut presentations are often referred to as “débutante balls," "cotillion balls," or "coming-out" parties.

What are the time commitments for the Débutantes?

Lower Valley Cotillion Club is a two-year program with a variety of events that take place during the Débutante's junior and senior years of high school. These occasions, which every Débutante attends both years of her term, are:

  • Mother/Daughter Luncheon in August
  • Sunday Social in October
  • Fall Luncheon in November
  • Junior Dress Approval in December
  • Débutante Ball in February
  • Spring Luncheon in April

When is the Presentation Ball?

The Presentation Ball is scheduled for Saturday, February 8, 2020, with rehearsal on Friday, February 7, 2020, from 5-7pm.

What is the dress attire for events?

Except for the Ball, all events are Sunday best, dresses-only attire. Girls should wear a dress that they would wear to church or an awards banquet. This applies to the mother/daughter luncheon as well. Dresses that are too short, low cut or have cut-outs are not appropriate.

What are the costs involved?

The cost to participate in the Débutante program is $500.00, paid during the junior year. The cost covers all events for two years, including invitations and postage, Mother/Daughter Luncheon,  Sunday Social, Fall Luncheon, The Débutante Ball Formal Black Tie Event: formal presentation and senior celebration, and the Spring Luncheon.


In addition to the program expense, the Débutante will incur the cost of her gown, gloves and shoes as well as family apparel for the Ball. The second year, members will need a gown and expenses will vary from girl to girl.

  • Membership Dues (first payment): $250.00 by July 15th
  • Membership Dues (second payment): $250.00 at the Mother/Daughter luncheon in August
  • White gown, gloves, petticoat & shoes: $300.00 and up by December
  • Photographs: $80.00 by December
  • Video: $35.00 by January
  • Father's Tuxedo Rental: $80.00 by January
  • Escort's Tuxedo Rental: (escort's responsibility) by January

What is the refund policy?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds.

Who is eligible for Cotillion?

To be eligible for membership, a girl must:

  • Be a resident of Cameron or Willacy Counties one full year prior to invitation, unmarried, and classified as a junior in high school fall of 2017.
  • Exhibit high moral and ethical standards.
  • Pay dues of $500.00 (in 2 installments). Dues are non-refundable. Dues include a non-refundable initial fee of $250.00 due by July 15; the balance of $250.00 is due on or before the Mother/Daughter luncheon in August.
  • Wear an appropriate dress to each event and a white ball-gown to the Presentation Ball that meets the specified requirements as outlined under "Dress Requirements".
  • Must RSVP to all invitations, whether acceptance or regrets, in writing and mailed to the Senior Advisor within 5 days after being received (not text or e-mail).
  • Select a reliable male escort (age 15-20) and an adult male presenter (father or father figure) for the Presentation Ball.

How do I get into Cotillion?

The Lower Valley Cotillion Club Advisory Board is made up of nearly 40 women that work with local high schools to identify deserving young ladies in Cameron and Willacy Counties that will appropriately represent our community and organization. In addition, we encourage young ladies to apply directly for consideration. Applications are accepted until April 30, 2019. Invitations to join are mailed in June.

What is a Legacy?

A Legacy is any girl whose mother or grandmother was in Cotillion. Legacies are not automatically admitted, rather they are given preferential review and consideration.

I did not receive an invitation and feel I should have. What can I do?

Did you complete an application before the deadline? If you completed the application you would have received a confirmation email upon completion. All applications are time stamped. Please consider that Lower Valley Cotillion Club is a social club with limited membership.

Does being in the Harlingen Country Club Junior Cotillion mean I will be in Lower Valley Cotillion Club?

Being in the Harlingen Country Club Junior Cotillion, or any other junior cotillion, has no bearing on the Lower Valley Cotillion Club. The Harlingen Country Club Junior Cotillion is NOT a step towards being invited into the Lower Valley Cotillion Club. We are two separate entities. We do not work together or collaborate together.

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