A Overview of the Lower Valley Cotillion Club

Who We Are

Cotillion is a social organization comprised of outstanding young women in Cameron and Willacy Counties. You, as a member of the Lower Valley Cotillion Club, will have the opportunity to meet, build friendships, and network with other select young women. These relationships will benefit you not only through your high school and college years, but beyond.


Social skills are important in everything you do. Another goal of Cotillion is to prepare you with social skills and graces needed to succeed in your chosen career and life. Social etiquette means treating others with courtesy and respect. Learning the social code of good manners will help make you into a well-rounded, poised young lady that presents herself to anyone she meets with confidence. You will practice social behavior as well as learn to respond in a gracious way to invitations you will receive throughout the year. First impressions are more important than most people realize. First impressions are why you were selected. Being a Cotillion débutante will ease you into the social graces you will need in dealing with people you meet.


You may feel honored and proud to have been invited here today because as much as we would like to include all the wonderful girls in the junior class, we are limited to only a few. You were chosen because you are recognized as an accomplished and respected young lady in our community. Many of you are serving as leaders in your class or various organizations and pursuing a challenging academic program. There are those of you that volunteer in your churches and community, and devote time to helping others. We believe you are ladies in the finest sense of the word and, therefore, are worthy of being members of the Lower Valley Cotillion Club. We believe your futures are bright with promise and that the places and people you touch will be graced by your kindness, intelligence, and abilities. Inviting you to join Cotillion is our way of saying how proud we are of you and how much we believe in your future.

Our next presentation ball is scheduled for

February 1, 2020

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